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Fleet LatAm Training


SEPT 2019

Mexico City


For buyers* only

About the Training

The Fleet LatAm Training is an extra day of the Fleet LatAm Conference dedicated to fleet and mobility managers.


25 September

08:30 - 08:45: Welcome and Introduction

  • Explanation of the training programme, its objectives and the scope of the course

  • Who’s who with the participant


  • Jose Luis Criado, Fleet LatAm Advisory Board Member

  • Steven Schoefs, Editor in Chief, Global Fleet & Fleet Europe


08:45 - 09:30: The evolving role and responsibilities of the international Fleet/Mobility Manager

The role of the vehicle fleet manager becomes more complex and strategic once the scope becomes regional or international. Added to the complexity are elements linked to technology implementation, the transformation to mobility and the involvement of new stakeholders. In this session we will examine how the role of the fleet manager changes.


  • Jaime Bringas Garcia, Fleet Manager TEVA

  • Jose Luis Criado

Q&A: experiences and vision of participants of training session


09:30 - 09:50: Open- and Closed-End finance solutions in Latam


In Latin America there are best practices of funding via open-end and closed-end finance solutions, based on the North American and European practice respectively. But what’s to know about these funding methods and how to make sure you are choosing the solution that is best for your future strategy?​​


  • David Hayward, Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Pascal Serres, Chairman Fleet LatAm Advisory Board

Moderator:  Jose Luis Criado

09:50 - 10:30: The evolution of the offering and the supplier coverage in Latam


There are coverage constraints both on the side of the OEMs and the service providers, such as leasing and fleet management companies. So, how to tackle the lack of uniformity among as well as within Latin American countries?


  • Sergio Lecue, International Key Account Director, ALD Automotive LATAM

  • Rosa María Carrillo, Fleet Specialist, Bristol Myers Squibb Mexico

10:30 - 10:50: Networking Coffee



10:50-11:20: Management transition, from local to regional


An increasing number of companies are concentrating the fleet management activities and control on a more centralized format, many cases on a LatAm level. The processes and hurdles involved are often more complex than foreseen. How to manage them and what are the lessons learned?



  • Claudia Fragoso, Regional Fleet Manager, Sherwin Williams


11:30-12:00: Establishing the Latam fleet policy

There is no magic formula to develop a vehicle fleet policy as it varies from company to company. But there are some principles and guidelines that every policy should have. In this session we detail the opportunities and hurdles of a regional fleet policy with attention to the dos and the don’ts, as well as how to find the balance between global/regional/local decision making.


  • Daniela Gamble, Comercial Director, LeasePlan Mexico

  • Karina Uribe, Regional Fleet and Travel Manager for Latin America, Pfizer



12:00-13:00: Latam fleet policy workshop

To know is to share and to share is to learn. There is no better way than to learn from your peers. In this workshop session, we will organise discussions in small groups on the different practices of fleet policies and the results obtained in different companies.


  • Speakers of previous two sessions, supported by Steven Schoefs and Jose Luis Criado.


13:00-14:00: Networking Lunch



14:00-14:45: How to tender on a regional level

A vehicle fleet manager is in charge of decision making for a period of easily 3 to 5 years, i.e. the duration of a contract with the supplier. No wonder the decision needs to be made carefully. The right tendering exercise can help here. It will lead to economies of scale, a better control on the services offered and an increased harmonisation. But how to conduct a regional tender? What are the possibilities and constraints of a regional tender, what should be centralised and what should stay local?


  • Ricardo De Bolle, Global Business Development Director for Latam region, Arval

  • Kevin Kibilds, Fleet Manager, MSD


14:45-15:30. Telematics technology in practice

Technology can be used to steer fleet management efficiency, to avoid accidents and evaluate driver behaviour, to reduce fuel consumption, to track-down lost vehicles, etc. There is a growing appetite for the use of telematics in vehicle fleet management, but there are still questions about the practicality and the ROI. In this session we will look how telematics and connectivity can serve your strategy.


  • Eduardo Granda, Associate VP, Geotab

  • Rebeca Allegre, Project Management Director for Strategic Accounts, Metricamovil


15:30-15:50: Networking Coffee



15:50-16:15: Safety, a hard reality in Latam

One of the main keys to running an efficient fleet is keeping your vehicles and drivers safe and sound. But road and driver safety are key issues throughout Latin America. Hence a safety programme needs to be in place. The goal of this session is to turn the awareness for safety into an action plan.


  • Fernando Cammarota, Founder & Chairman of the Board, CEPA International

  • Jorge Jacobo Diez, Country Manager, CEPA Mexico


16.15-17.00: Safety management workshop

In this workshop session, we will organise discussions in small groups around the way to address safety in a corporate environment, the set-up of a safety programme and the key factors to keep the safety programme going forward.



  •  Speakers of previous session, Steven Schoefs and Jose Luis Criado.

17:00: Wrap-up and evaluation




For this event we have chosen this comfortable  and very well located hotel,



Andres Bello 29, Polanco, Mexico City  11560 Mexico


Buyer *

Conference & Training Ticket

$550 USD

Training Ticket

$250 USD

A buyer is an individual who has responsibilities in international fleet and mobility decision making. Examples: fleet manager, mobility manager, Purchase Manager, Chief financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief technology officer, HR Executive, Mobility Specialist, …


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