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Driving Fleet Efficiencies and Cost Savings

in Latin America






About the Conference

After successful editions in 2019 and 2020, the Fleet LatAm Conference is back. This year, it will take place virtually on 22 April. So you can join from wherever you are!

The Fleet LatAm Conference gives international and regional fleet and mobility managers the solutions to stimulate their business and the opportunity to learn from best practices in Latin American fleets.

The conference baseline is “How to empower Fleet Efficiencies and Cost Savings in Latam”.


Indeed, the search for efficiencies and cost savings for your fleet, both passenger car and light commercial vehicle fleet, has only been accelerated in recent months.

The 2021 Fleet LatAm Conference will examine how to leverage cost-efficiency and fleet management optimisation for your fleet across the Latam region.


Main topics are: the fleet selection criteria that can support strategic decision taking; the way data and data management will streamline fleet efficiency; and emerging and innovative trends that will define the future context of your fleet and mobility in Latam.


Programme (Mexico City Times GMT-5)

08:30 Check-in & Networking

Meet with the conference participants and sponsors.

09:00 Welcome to the 2021 Fleet LatAm Conference

Agenda highlights and How to get the most out of the Fleet LatAm Conference

  • By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-chief Global Fleet & Pascal Serres, Chairman Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group

Session 1: Search for Fleet Efficiencies and Cost Optimisation

09:20 Educational Presentation: How to ensure TCO control via outsourcing of fleet management and leasing

Cost efficiency is the number 1 priority of fleet managers in Latin America. But cost efficiency is more than searching for economies of scale, harmonisation and quick wins. Rodrigo Fernandez, Latam Procurement Head at Hilti, will deepdive into the fleet management building blocks he has put in place to ensure TCO control of his Latam fleet.

  • By Rodrigo Fernandez, Region Procurement Head, Indirect Materials, Hilti

09:40 Educational Presentation: Establishing the right KPIs for your commercial fleet in Latam

Generating fleet efficiency and TCO control is not an easy task in a complex region like Latin America. It’s even more difficult if you manage a mixed fleet of both commercial vehicles and passenger cars. But Vasco Fernandes and Nestlé have succeeded in managing fleet efficiency by installing clear guidelines and respecting a balance between central decision making and local implementation. In this presentation, Vasco Fernandes, Regional Procurement Manager Car Fleet at Nestlé will inspire you to set up the right KPIs for your fleet across Latam.

  • By Vasco Fernandes, Regional Procurement Manager Car Fleet, Nestlé

10:00 Thought Leadership Presentation of our Founding partner Element- ARVAL Global Alliance: Reshaping your savings strategy in 2021

Following from a complex 2020, this year presents a series of challenges that need to be addressed with a "New Normal" mentality. We would like to present ideas to focus in during 2021 and help you reshaping your fleet strategy in the road to an optimized management.

  • By Javier Cabrera, Strategic Consultant Manager, Element Fleet Management (Element- ARVAL Global Alliance)

10:20 Expert Breakout Sessions:

  • Leverage telematics data to realize the full potential of a fleet
    Technology can be a strong ally and support fleet managers in their daily activities to obtain efficiency. As new vehicles evolve, they generate a vast amount of data. IoT technologies, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are key to transform data into information that can positively impact the job of a fleet manager. Technology also contributes to increase flexibility for fleet managers by enabling new mobility solutions such as corporate car sharing and fleet electrification. These solutions aim to reduce mobility costs for enterprises by increasing the utilization rates of cars and to selecting the most efficient vehicle for each task.

    With Jad Tabet - Head of International Sales at Targa Telematics

  • Managing fleet costs and finding savings with telematics and Geotab
    With Jose Valdes, Partner Account Manager - Fleet Management Latam, Geotab and Diego Vidrio, Partner Account Manager - Fleet Management Latam, Geotab

10:40 Networking & Village

Networking Break Meet with the conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

Session 2: Smartly reviewing the selection criteria for your Fleet

11:00 Educational Panel Discussion: Rightfuelling your Latam fleet with ICE, EV, Ethanol, Hybrid

Selecting the right vehicles for your business is crucial. And this selection process goes far beyond the selection of the ideal brand, model or vehicle size. It is key to think about the right powertrain if you want to make your fleet future-proof. In this panel discussion we will hear how major car manufacturers allow you to introduce new and more eco-friendly powertrains for your Latam fleet.

With Marcelo Tezoto, Senior Manager - National Direct Sales, GM Mexico and Aditya Jairaj, Director - Chief Marketing Manager Electric Vehicles Marketing & Sales Strategy, Nissan Motor Corporation

11:30 Educational Presentation: Best practice to switch to and benefit from a sustainable fleet across Latam

Vehicle fleet management is a continuously evolving process. A process where you need to think forward, envision the future and dare to anticipate trends. One of the most important tasks waiting for you will be to turn your current fleet into a sustainable fleet. A task that might look complex but that with dedication, preparation and persistence will bring you and your company success. In this presentation Regina Granados, CEO of LeasePlan Mexico, will unravel how to transform your current Latam fleet into a sustainable one.


By Karla Flores, Commercial Director & Edgard Torres, Customer Success Director, LeasePlan

11:50 Educational Presentation: Ensuring the right fleet for your commercial business across Latam

Managing a large service and tool-of-trade fleet comes with specific challenges. Think fleet utilisation, safety and driver behaviour to name just a few. These challenges make commercial fleets also an example for innovation in efficiency. And that’s exactly what Mariana Costa and Syngenta are aiming for in Latin America. Get inspired by Mariana Costa, Latam Fleet Service Delivery Manager at Syngenta, and learn how she creates vehicle fleet efficiency across multiple countries in Latin America.


By Mariana Costa, Latam Fleet Service Delivery Manager, Syngenta

12:10 Expert Breakout Session:

  • Using data to share your corporate mobility in Latam
    Vehicle fleet management is not about guessing, it’s about knowing. And to know you have to measure. In this session you will learn how to use vehicle fleet and driver data to make your fleet management smarter and introduce corporate mobility solutions that bring value to your business and your employees

    With Sérgio Jábali, Executive, PARAR

  • How to set up a regional wide fleet programme that secures cost control
    Managing and where possible reducing the Total Cost of Ownership is key for most fleet managers. To establish a vision and implement a programme that zooms in on cost control while securing vehicle fleet innovation across the region, is not easy.  Get ready for practical tips and tricks to master your fuel management in Latin America.

    With Antonio Casis, Regional Procurement Corporate Spend Category Manager, Novartis

12:30 Networking & Village

Networking Break Meet with the conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

Session 3: Data to ensure Fleet and Mobility efficiency

13:00 Educational Presentation: Powering fleet efficiency and TCO optimisation through data intelligence

To drive your business forward you need to know what is happening. In the case of vehicle fleet management, where your assets are out on the streets, it’s vital to have data about your vehicles and your drivers. Thankfully, developments in connected technology make it easier than ever to power fleet efficiency. In this panel discussion you will learn how to turn your fleet management in Latam smart through data intelligence.


  • Juan Cardona, VP Sales Latin America, Geotab

  • Fernando Ferreira, Channel Sales Director, Latin America, Lytx

  • Yuliya Lapenkova, Global Senior Procurement Manager, Danone

13:40 Educational Presentation: Taking advantage of trends impacting Fleet & Mobility

More than ever vehicle fleet and mobility management is impacted by trends like electrification, urban mobility, the preference for usership instead of ownership and digitisation. The pandemic has only accelerated some of the trends. Covering peak times, managing employees that quit the company and newcomers that just started, anticipating unforeseen business circumstances; to be a successful fleet manager you need to be flexible and perhaps be open for a more flexible fleet and mobility. Learn how to include flexibility in your fleet management operations in Latam.

With Geraldine Priya, Team Lead New Mobility, Frost & Sullivan

14:00 Expert Breakout Session:

  • Controlling cost efficiency for your LCV fleet in Latam
    During this session we will discuss the different perspectives, from a mobility supplier and a customer, and best practices when it some to have fleet efficiencies, overview of the current situation and needs, recommendations, future trends and scenarios, as well as success stories.  
    With Mauricio Serna, Commercial Director, ALD Automotive Colombia

  • A smart and simple step forward in fleet management
    When technology support vehicle fleet management. Learn more about the vision of Lytx and their solution designed to support the modern fleet manager adapt to challenges within their local environment.
    With Fernando Ferreira, Channel Sales Director, Latin America, Lytx


14:20 Networking & Village

Networking Break Meet with the conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

14:45 Executives Leasing Panel: Recipes for Fleet Management Success in Latam

The fleet ecosystem in Latin America is permanently changing: new economic conditions, the impact of the pandemic, trends in mobility and new customer behaviour, new regulation and taxation. The picture can get blurry but thanks to the insights of leading leasing companies you will get your recipes for fleet success across Latin America.


  • Kent Bjertrup, Regional Director Latin America, ALD Automotive

  • Ricardo de Bolle, Global Business Development Director Latin America,  Arval

  • Manuel Tamayo, Country Head Mexico, Element Fleet Management

  • Regina Granados, CEO, LeasePlan Mexico

15:30 Lessons Learned 2021 Fleet LatAm Conference

  • By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-chief Global Fleet & Pascal Serres, Chairman Fleet LatAm Business Networking Group

15:45 Closing of 2021 Fleet LatAm Conference




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For this event we have chosen an online platform that allows you to participate in the Fleet Latam Conference with all the advantages of a virtual event.

This online platform will gather the Expert Powers Talks through a virtual Main Stage. In addition, it allows to network via a sponsors area, direct messaging and live video conversations between participants and communication between buyers and suppliers (direct or via a matchmaking tool). 



You can attend the conference for free.

Register here and save your seat. 


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