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Make your Fleet Safe and Sustainable





About the Conference

Increase safety and sustainability, while enhancing efficiency and reducing cost. LatAm fleets can do it, and the Fleet LatAm Conference will show them how.

The Fleet LatAm Conference is the only event in Latin America that gathers Fleet & Mobility Leaders who have an international scope, or are considering one.


  • Now for the 5th time, the Fleet LatAm Conference links the biggest corporate fleets with their potential fleet suppliers.

  • If you want to meet B2B customers and prospects, the Fleet LatAm Conference is the place to be.

  • As ever, key to the Fleet LatAm Conference is the power of knowledge: sharing ideas, learning from presentations, getting inspired by case studies, testing your own ideas in lively discussions.

  • To optimize the experience, the entire Fleet LatAm Conference will be brought to you in three languages simultaneously – English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Program Highlights

Interest rates and energy prices are surging. Resource issues are prolonging the vehicle supply problem. Faced with this degree of volatility, the job of corporate fleet managers in Latin America – optimising TCO and fleet efficiency – is even harder than before.


And there’s even more change. Working From Home and the increasing awareness around Safety and Sustainability bring accelerated challenges. However, they also create opportunities. Faced with all these converging forces, fleet managers and their stakeholders are turning to new best practices: solutions that decarbonize fleets, while also improving safety and increasing efficiency.


The Fleet LatAm Conference 2022 will give you access to know-how, expertise and tools, to further internationalize your LatAm fleet management. Establishing of a sustainable and safe fleet according to overall corporate goals will allow you to leverage efficiencies, optimising not just operations, but also overall cost.

Agenda (Mexico City Time GMT-5)

08:30: Check-in and Networking

Meet with the Fleet LatAm Conference participants and sponsors.

09:00: Welcome to the 2022 Fleet LatAm Conference

Agenda highlights, and how to get the most out of the Fleet LatAm Conference

Morning Session: When Sustainability meets Cost Efficiency

09:10: Keynote – State and Outlook of the LatAm Fleet Market 2022–2025

Cost efficiency is the number one priority of fleet managers in Latin America. But achieving this is not easy in a region like Latin America, which his maturing unevenly, and which is simultaneously confronted with global issues such as the pandemic, surging energy prices and the semiconductor and vehicle supply crisis. This Keynote will examine the status of the LatAm fleet market and its outlook for the upcoming years, with attention for economic dynamics, automotive and fleet market evolutions, and policy and infrastructure developments.

  • By ​Lorena Isla, Director Mobility Latin America, Frost & Sullivan

9:30: Thought Leadership - Designing your Sustainable Fleet Strategy

By now, all multinational corporations have a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fleets must be an integral part of that strategy. This Thought Leadership presentation will focus on the building blocks and benefits of a fleet program that puts carbon neutrality and sustainability at the centre of fleet efficiency.


  • Karla Flores, Chief Commercial Officer, LeasePlan Mexico 

  • Edgar TorresCustomer Success Director, LeasePlan Mexico 

9:50: Educational Best Practice – Successfully Combining CO2 Objectives and TCO Control

Tackling climate change is more urgent than ever. Fleet has a crucial role to play. This presentation of a best-practice case study shows how to set up and roll out a green fleet strategy in LatAm, respecting overall corporate goals and ensuring cost-saving targets.

  • By David Alejandro Trujillo Otañez, EHS Manager Latam Region, Merck

10:10: Educational Best Practice –  Successfully Developing a Sustainable Fleet Programme

If you’re operating in a complex and volatile environment, risk mitigation is key. In fleet management, this means developing a program that is future-proof and takes into account important trends and employee expectations. One of the expectations is about sustainability where fleet needs to contribute to.  This best-practice case study presentation will inspire you to bring innovation in sustainable fleet management to your operations across LatAm.

  • By Felipe Pollilo Marinheiro, Fleet Specialist, Servier

10:30: Networking Break

Meet with the Fleet LatAm Conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

11:00 – 11:20: Thought Leadership – Towards a One-stop-shop for your Flexible Fleet

In a complex ecosystem, simplicity is a much-desirect commodity. For fleet managers, simplicity means ease of use, harmonisation and transparency. If possible, all delivered by a one-stop-shop service. In this Thought Leadership presentation, we will hear how a holistic approach to sustainability and green fleet management created the best value and returns the highest results.

  • By Sergio Lecue, International Key Account Director, ALD Automotive LATAM

11:20 – 11:40: Thought Leadership – Resolving the EV Fleet Charging Question

What are the issues right now? And how to overcome them?

When considering electric vehicles, the biggest issue fleet managers and drivers face today, is charging. Charging your EV fleet is not only a matter of sufficient infrastructure. The time those vehicles spend plugged in ideally must be as short and comfortable as classic refueling. In this Thought Leadership presentation, you will learn how to deploy the smartest charging for your EV fleet.

By Alejandro CriadoHead of Presales Engineers, Wallbox

11:40 – 12:00: Expert Presentation – EVs fit for your LatAm Fleet in 2022

The global offering of electric vehicles is constantly evolving and accelerating. In Latin America as well, we see an increased inflow of zero-emission and electrified vehicles. Learn what the speed of the electrification shift means for your fleet program in Latin America.​

  • By Milad Kalume Neto, Business Development Manager, JATO Dynamics  


12:00: Networking Break

Meet with the Fleet LatAm Conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

Afternoon Session: How attention for Safety benefits your fleet and cost efficiency

13:00 – 13:20: Thought Leadership – Managing Driver Behavior, Reducing Risks and Saving Lives

Safety is the most costly factor for fleets.  Geotab has put a great effort in developing the technology around this to protect the life and well being of our fleet operators in LatAm, and at the same time improve the financial health of the companies and their investments.

  • By Juan CardonaVP Sales Latin AmericaGeotab

13:20 – 13:40: Educational Best Practice - Successfully Developing a Safety Program Across LatAm

Safety is crucial wherever you are, live or work. And your employees are your most important assets. But how to achieve an effective safety policy for a region with so many different security issues? In this best practice presentation, you will learn how to set up and roll out a safety program that works across the LatAm region.

  • By German Leyva, EHS Manager Mexico, Anheuser-Busch InBev

13:40 – 14:10: Educational Best Practice – Successfully running a safe fleet with the support of connected tech

Safety is paramount. Also for fleets. And fleets with a strong safety approach supported by innovative and connected technology delivers great efficiency.  In this best practice presentation, you will learn how to roll out a fleet safety program in Latam that with attention for telematics, with insights into setting up the rights SLAs, ensuring stakeholder engagement, and guaranteeing implementation.

  • By Jaime Bringas, Fleet & EHS Manager, PMI & President, AMAFA

14:10 – 14:30: Networking Break

Meet with the Fleet LatAm Conference participants and sponsors, expand your network and create new business opportunities.

14:30 – 14:50: Thought Leadership - How Safe and Secure Drivers Create More Sustainable and Productive Fleets

The safety and security challenges facing fleet drivers today cannot be underestimated. But many are unaware of how technology and data can be used to mitigate risk and address challenges. This presentation will unravel the true benefit of connected tech and its impact on safety, security, and sustainability.

  • By Brendan MacKenzieChief Financial Officer, Lytx

14:50 – 15:10: Thought Leadership –  The ROI of a Driver Safety Program

Driver safety training is not just a one-shot. It’s a continuous process. And successful driver safety trainings are programs that not only reduce the number of accidents and incidents on the road, but also reduce premiums, motivate employees and establish an improved safety culture. In this session, you will learn which driver safety training programs best fit with your company and drivers. ​

  • By Estrella BonalesLATAM Customer Success and Business Development leader, eDriving

15:10 – 15:35: Expert Presentation – Latin NCAP - How to Boost Your Safety

Some car manufacturers are equipping their models with technologies, that will help to avoid accidents and incidents, and most of all injuries and fatalities, but still there is much left to do . In this session, you will learn about the increasing necessity to pay attention to vehicle safety in Latam with the latest developments in vehicle safety technology and how to use them in your fleet.

  • By Alejandro Furas, Secretary General, Latin NCAP


15:35 – 16:15: Executive Panel – Sustainability and Safety, the Perfect Fit

This executive panel discussion will demonstrate why and how Sustainability and Safety are a perfect match for fleet success in Latin America. 

With : 

  • Eduardo Canicoba, AVP Country Manager Brazil​, Geotab 

  • Fernando FerreiraChannel Sales Director, Latin America, Lytx

16:30: Closing of the Fleet LatAm Conference










For this event we have chosen an online platform that allows you to participate in the Fleet Latam Conference with all the advantages of a virtual event.

This online platform will gather the Expert Powers Talks through a virtual Main Stage. In addition, it allows to network via a sponsors area, direct messaging and live video conversations between participants and communication between buyers and suppliers (direct or via a matchmaking tool). 


You can attend the conference for free.

Register here and save your seat. 


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